Lead Form Extensions: What You Need to Know About Them

A Story Businesses Can Relate

Generating leads can be a hassle if we don’t use the appropriate tools. But with lead form extensions, you can garner many leads within a short span of time.

Imagine you’re a customer looking to buy a new dress online. You find a website that sells what you want. But due to slow loading speeds, a clunky interface, and poor interface navigation, you’re fed up with the buying experience. You proceed to cancel your purchase and move onto other websites.

On average, the attention span of a digital consumer is eight seconds. Surprisingly, this is a drastic decrease from 12 seconds in 2000. This behavior affects how a consumer searches for a product or service online.

People want seamless methods of doing things online. In other words, we want to view information online without too much clutter and obtain information rapidly. If there’s too much friction, we’ll ultimately abandon the site. As a result, companies lose their chances of gaining leads.

Therefore, marketers must invest their time in creating a well-rounded user experience that’s fast, easy, and fuss-free. Most importantly, businesses are advised to develop more efficient methods of gathering prospective customers.

So, where do lead form extensions come to play in this situation?

What Are Lead Form Extensions?

Buying products with lead form extension

Google Ads has recently introduced lead form extensions. The idea behind this is for online consumers to send in their information into a form – directly in your ad. In other words, you can establish engaging relationships with new customers with this minimalistic and frictionless tool

The concept of lead forms isn’t exactly new. Companies have often used lead forms to compile information from online customers. However, experiences like typing on small screens, typos, or difficulty finding a business’s contact information ruin the chances of completing a form.

But with Google Ads lead form extensions, you can prevent those cases and earn prospective leads instead. These extensions were designed to replace direct prospects with a post-click page to convert. Therefore, consumers don’t necessarily have to visit your website to get you a lead.

Furthermore, businesses that use this particular extension will immediately show a form right under the search ad. This form is accessible no matter what device you’re using.

The best part? Google Ads lead extension forms immediately capture user information by pre-filling their pop-up forms. What’s more, this saves consumers’ time spent providing information on a form and automatically increases lead generation.

Reasons to Use Lead Form Extensions

  1. Establishes a faster lead capture by reducing the number of steps in a customer’s experience (e.g., not having to access your landing page).
  2. Garners high-quality leads from prospective customers who show a strong interest in purchasing your product or service.
  3. Supports mobile-friendly interfaces that appeal to customers’ current generation – 48% of buyers use mobiles as the first point of contact to start their search.
  4. Allows businesses to narrow down their target consumers and get a better picture of what their current customers are like.
  5. It doesn’t require technical abilities to create a lead form extension on your Google Ads campaign – with a few clicks of a button, your form can immediately go live.

What to Prepare

Before you can use lead form extensions, you’re business must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Has a clear track record and complies with existing policies.
  2. Does not contain sensitive material (e.g., adult content).
  3. Has a privacy policy (this will appear at the end of the lead form.)

Note: campaigns that are using lead form extensions to Videos, Display, or Discovery campaigns must have spent more than USD 50,000 total in Google Ads.

How to Create Lead Form Extensions

  1. Login to your Google Ads account. Select Campaigns.
  2. Click on the “+” button. Choose New campaign.
  3. Select Leads and choose your campaign type (Search, Discovery, Video, or Display). Press Continue.
  4. Fill in your campaign settings.
  5. Access the lead form extension editor. Enter details about your lead form.
  6. Select Create new on the lead form extension editor.
  7. Give your form a headline, business name, and a brief description.
  8. Select the provided questions you would like to include in your lead extension form.
  9. Provide the URL to your businesses’ privacy policy.
  10. Add a call-to-action feature to promote interaction with your form.
  11. Review and accept the terms of service. Click Save.

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digitus is Now an Official SAP Marketing Service Bureau (MSB)

SINGAPORE, SG – digitus Pte Ltd, a specialised B2B digital agency built on experience from CRM systems and building out an ecosystem of software partners, today announces that it has become a SAP Marketing Service Bureau (MSB), a clear sign of the success of its SAP marketing practice and competency.

“We are here to support our partners through tailored marketing services for the B2B software space, now even better in cooperation with SAP,” said Mathias Knops, CEO of digitus.

MSBs are trusted agents who are trained in and aligned with SAP protocol and strategy.

As a MSB, SAP partners can now leverage their Marketing Development Fund (MDF), Business Development Fund (BDF) or other fund sources to strengthen their digital marketing strategy, lead nurturing programs, assets creation/execution, as well as lead qualification through digitus, which has a strong SAP and digital marketing agency background.

Combining SAP/Software and marketing expertise, digitus offers these services:

  • Lead Nurturing campaigns (Direct Outreach + Paid Ads)
  • Social Media and Email Marketing (Direct Outreach)
  • Search Engine Marketing (Paid and Organic)
  • Content Creation (Blogs, Videos and Graphics)

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Localise Marketing: Is Your Digital Marketing Led by Global?

The term “localise marketing” isn’t an unfamiliar term. But why isn’t it getting the recognition it deserves?

Some multinational companies we have spoken to have told us that their digital marketing is led by their global team. Because of that, they had to decline our proposal due to budget reasons.

This is a common case we’d like to address. We want to help remove the roadblocks of global businesses who are trying to thrive better locally.

It’s crucial especially during these trying times when physical face-to-face meetings and traditional marketing events are all but impossible.

Sounds familiar?

The most disappointing problem with global-led marketing

One of the most common disappointing mistakes with global marketing is not letting the local teams lead the way.

This is a mistake because local teams know the country in question better which could lead to better business results.

For example, some local teams feel that they have not tapped other marketing channels due to the lack of, or highly restrictive local marketing budget.

This usually happens when the local team’s input is not considered when making strategic decisions on the onset, which includes whether enough budget is allocated for the target country.

Facts on local marketing

Before getting on why local marketing is important, here are some facts to consider according to this study:

  • 72.1% of consumers mostly spend their time on websites in their own language
  • 72.4% of consumers are more likely to buy a product with information in their own language.
  • 56.2% of consumers said that the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price.
  • 9 out of 10 consumers said that, when given a choice of languages, they always visited a website in their own language.
  • 42% said they never purchase products and services in other languages.

As the above stats show, the best way for global brands to market and drive revenue locally is to have a local marketing strategy.

A local marketing strategy takes language, culture, and market behaviour into account when communicating and engaging with your audiences in your target countries, while keeping your branding consistent – in your website, ads, and other media assets.

Too often, some brands – for example, a brand from Germany – believe they can enter Asian markets by following the same playbook that brought them local success.

The problem with that is that different Asian markets require different marketing approaches, as dictated by their own diverse local cultures and consumer behaviour.

Meaning, if a brand has domestic success through direct marketing in Europe, this channel may not necessary perform greatly in Asia.

Benefits of local marketing

Here is a list of benefits if you choose to localise your digital marketing:

  1. Better reach to the target audience
    • Localisation extends brand reach and awareness. With localised content, you can reach more people in your target country by speaking in their own language. This helps your market entry and brand penetration.
    • Localisation of content boosts SEO. Your website is more likely to be found in the local search results if your content is adapted to the context of the local market. That said, you should consider investing on content translation.
  2. Better engagement and connections
    • By localising your website content and ad messages, the level of engagement with your prospective and existing customers will be higher. It shows that your brand cares about the local cultures and values.
    • Localisation promotes personal connection, confidence, and trust to your brand. Your target local audience is more likely to trust your brand if you engage with them on social media. It also helps when locals can verify your business in the local market (for example, by having a local office or local aftersales support team).
  3. Better revenue
    • With increased brand awareness and more engaged audiences due to localised marketing, you are positioned towards better revenue.
    • Localised marketing in social media, for example, has resulted to 300% growth of revenue for some brands in the US. In some cases, localisation resulted to 70% increased in conversion rate.

What to do if your marketing is led by global

If you are part of a local marketing team and you want to propose better ideas to your global team, contact us and we’d be happy to give you the support you need.

We will help audit your digital marketing activities and investigate how you adopt localisation in your digital marketing. We check from social media content, to local SEO, to local PPC or any paid media advertising.

Local marketing is an area worth investing for as you adjust your focus on digital marketing in 2020. Indeed, there’s no better time than now to localise your marketing.