Organic Search To Save Valuable Marketing Budget

Rank on the 1st page of Google search results with our SEO Service

SEO Benefits

Here are the key benefits you will achieve when you engage us on SEO:

  • Improved organic traffic and keyword ranking by optimising site architecture, on=page elements of web pages, and internal site linking
  • Better targeting and optimisation of online assets mean BEING FOUND = INCREASED CTR = HIGHER ROI
  • Improved user satisfaction, engagement and loyalty
  • Monitoring & maintenance of website’s SEO Health mitigate risk of revenue and traffic loss

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (also known as SEO) is a form of Internet Marketing strategy that can place your website at the top of the search engine results (e.g. Google, Yahoo and Bing) for free and unlimited traffic.

How often have you done a Google search for something? Probably hundreds! But, how often have you scrolled down and then moved on to the second page? Not many I expect and you are not alone.   

Research, yes there is even research into this phenomenon, has show that 84% of internet users do not go beyond the first page when doing searches. 

You can see that it follows, therefore, that your company needs to be among those on the first page so potential customers can find you when they are searching for products and services. 

Proportionally companies such as Salesforce, SAP and Microsoft have between 25 – 50% of their budget to spend on sales and marketing. 

You need to be more focused and discerning to increase your chances of standing out from the crowd.  

SEO Process


Social Media Scope

We begin by analysing your current situation, evaluate your digital spending and assess your brand. Based on your situation, we will cover the following: 


Google Ads Account Setup/Review –
if you already have an account then following our review we may require to make some adjustments, if you do not, then we will help you set one up and ensure that staff are in place who have a good knowledge of the system.

Setup Goal Conversion Tracking –
when you complete a goal it is called a conversion and we help you setup a conversion tracking method called Smart Goals.

Analytics Setup and Google Ads Integration –
an extremely useful integration for you to see the different metrics in both Analytics and Google AdWords that will provide you with time on site, pages visited and bounce rate where each keywords will provide you with different interaction on your site.

Search Console Setup –
another tool that you will find useful as it helps you to understand how your site is performing, ensures that Google has access to your content as well as enabling you to keep your site clean of spam whilst allowing you to add and remove content.

Competitive Analysis –
you will, of course, want to monitor how you compare to the competition by measuring yourself against industry benchmarks and insights.

Definition of Target Audience –
this is where we can use our many years of experience, by working together and ensuring that you become a key player in targeting the appropriate audience.

Business Directory Update –
your Google My Business listing will substantially increase your chances during a google search, in addition, when your business is searched for by name, many times Google will display a ‘Knowledge Panel’ with additional, more definitive, information about your company.

Keywords Selection and If Necessary Research –
our initial analysis of your company helps us, in partnership with yourselves, to create a unique map of solutions, geography and target groups thereby being able to select appropriate keywords.

Performance Analysis –
you will find that the ‘revenue per click’ metrics is a cost-effective system based on your goals setup, budget, objectives and sales numbers, providing you with performance statistics at the touch of a button.

Setup of Reports –
you control how often you would like us to send you reports, be that weekly, bi-weekly or other timing as agreed.

Spends Monitoring and Campaign Pacing –
we guarantee to monitor you ads in as much detail as we do with our own. Staying within budget is of paramount importance.

It is an Internet Marketing strategy that places your website on that all important first page of search engine results (e.g. Google, Yahoo and Bing). It is free and is unlimited. You need to start immediately as it can take 3 – 6 months before you can reap the benefits. 

The following points show you how we tailor our packages and customise them to your profile:


Server and Structural Issues –  
URL or web address recap. When an URL is requested from your website the server returns a header server status code. Ideally this should be ‘200 OK’ meaning that your browser is informed that the page exists and that the requested has been processed successfully. Along with this status code comes additional information to include HTML code that your browser will use to display page content, images etc. as defined by you, the owner.

On-Page SEO Recommendation –  
this means you have the option of classifying individual web pages thereby boosting them higher and earning a higher standard of relevant traffic in search engines. On-page refers to the content and HTML source code that can be optimised. Off-page refers to links and other external signals. Our extensive industry and partner knowledge allows us to keep you up to date and provide you with all the latest trends.

Link-building plan – 
website growth by helping your company build links (and relationships) with trusted experts in your industry.

Competitive Analysis SEO –  
SEO competitive analysis is vital in your ability to remain a key player. By exploring and analysing the links, keywords, content etc. of your SEO competitors it is possible to reverse-engineer their most successful elements into your own SEO strategy.

Usability Review –  
as users yourselves how many times have you clicked away from a site because of its failure to be user friendly? Now think how user friendly your website is? Success or failure can hinge on how user friendly a site is for your potential customers. However, user friendly may mean lots of users but not customers and poor SEO means few visitors.

Accessibility Review – 
put simply, is your site easy to access and the coding clean? Does it have heading structures, text links and all other relevant scripts?

Content Production Review –  
you cannot site back on your laurels and wait for customers. Consistent new and exciting content means you will be ranked higher. Good SEO gives you the ability to produce consistent output. If you are doing content marketing correctly then your site will be on page 1.

Page Performance –  
do you think your customers would be happy if the ERP or other solutions were slow? Do you complain when a website you are using is at snail pace? Since Google’s Algorithm Speed Update the page speed is now a direct ranking factor, as well bounce rate and the reduction of dwell time. Google always puts the user first.

Keyword Tracking –  
your keywords are your passport to success. Remember our section on pay-per-click? The right keywords mean prospective customers.

Monthly SEO Reporting –  
you need to know how you are doing regarding your customers and vendors and therefore we will sit with you at least once a month to ensure we are all on the right track.

Stay current –  
the search engine space is ever-evolving. We recommend to tweak on a regular basis.

Other Services

We are here to help you in establishing network profile and campaigning to give your potential customers current and coherent information about your company and services. The potential in having social media working for you is manifold and can be really quick, although it can, in some instances take a few months. 


So how does it work?


Campaigns –  
social media campaigns are strategy based and have specific and measurable outcomes. They are a coordinated marketing game plan that emphasises your brand, product or service. They work by influencing social media followers into feeling or acting in certain ways.

Ad Groups –  
to increase your visibility for your posts or promoting your posts to targeted customers then interlinking your paid-per-click campaign with Sponsored Updates and/or Linkedin, with their facilities for sharing and promoting as well as self-serve platforms is to be recommended.

Social Media Content Calendar –  
creating a social media calendar based around you specific campaigns and targets provides a framework with which to share your content to your audience and help to sell your business. This way you can establish your content that will make sense of your business to your customers.

Geo-targeting –  
allows you to concentrate on an audience within your parameters.

Update of Ads based on Latest Platform Updates –  
given the frenetic advancements in digital technology social media platforms change at a rapid pace. At digitus we provide you the service of keeping in the loop of those changes and adapt your posts accordingly.

Scheduled Posts –  
another service we offer is to monitor audience activity and boost your exposure by using your own contributions, research leaders content and ensure that they are aligned with your overall marketing messages. We will also incorporate posts from the partner network and ourselves as is appropriate.

You may or may not have heard of Pay-per-click advertising.

The following points show you how we tailor our packages and customise them to your profile: 


Google Tag Manager Setup – 
marketing tags are used to collect information about visitors to your website. These can be determined to include web analytics, campaign analytics, visitor numbers, A/B testing and ad servers as well as personalisation, behavioural re-targeting and conversion tracking.

Negative Keyword Management –  
you could be worried about the cost of Google Ad campaigns and we understand those concerns. One way you can keep cost down is by using negative keywords that will exclude certain searches from your campaign thereby stopping you paying for ‘clicks’. We have an extensive library of negative keywords to choose from.

Budget Analysis AdWords –  
Google Ads allows you to determine an average daily budget based on how much you want to spend each day over a month. To help decide on this we estimate for you your competitors spending and initially set-up a test budget to see results. However, here at digitus we have found that it is better to focus on earnings per click (EPC) and therefore we prefer to discontinue with the initial budget and assign a new one based at a campaign and keyword level.

Competitor Spending –  
your knowledge of competitor spending will help you in determining your ultimate budget. With our knowledge of your industry and our tools we can provide you with a benchmark of competitor spending.

Setup and Manage Ads per Target Group –  
given the wide range of the decision makers within your target audience, requires you to have different messages and keywords to attract eg CIO’s using different campaigns. You want to be there in the decision making phase.

Advanced Audiences –  
most people like to spend the majority of time online browsing based on interests, watching videos, gaming etc. Anything other than searching on google! PPC advertisers use Google AdWords to appear on all of these using the Google Display Network (GDN). Your company can appear here too and we will help you set up ads using your target audience interests. We build a profile of who your target audience are based on their use of apps, channels, videos etc. across YouTube and GDN and then formulate advertisements based on their personality and preferences.

Geo-Targeting –  
you can even become more specific with your target audience by using location targeting. The cost-effective benefits for you using this type of campaign are immense as this allows you to target a specific country, location within a country, a given radius of location or specific location groups.

Advanced Bid Management –  
Google Ads bid management allows you to raise and lower your keyword bids. This can be a little daunting for new users, even more computer savvy people find it somewhat overwhelming, especially if they are involved in large advertising campaigns. However, this will allow maximise your potential while staying in budget.

Update of Ads Based on the Latest Google Updates –  
you want to stay on top of new features and updates on the Google platform and keeping informed will ensure that you do not miss any changes that will be beneficial to yourselves.

Re-marketing Campaign –  
realistically you should expect over 80% of people to leave your site without any action and have visited your site 2 – 3 times before committing themselves. Re-marketing allows a cookie to be inserted into the browser of users giving you the opportunity to show them targeted ads, depending on their movements in and around your site. This gives you a remarkably powerful tool as all the Google data indicates that you can double your potential customers if they are on one of your re-marketing lists. Regular visitors can become regular customers.

Custom Rules to Display Ads –  
this is about the timing of your ads and your audience. To be cost-effective you want your ads to run when your target audience is searching. Data collected allows ads to be displayed at the right time to the right audience.

Principal Alignment –  
SAP, Microsoft etc have bigger budgets and can spend more of their money on ads than you probably can. You do not want to compete with them, however by working with their ads you can boost your brand and services.