SAP Marketing Cloud


Make your marketing count with personalised experiences and all the information in one place.Increase sales and customer satisfaction with personalised experiences using SAP Marketing Cloud.

Solution Functionality

  • Overview
  • Customer Trust
  • Drive Revenue
  • Drive Demand

Customer Journey Insight

Deliver personalised experiences that make your customers happy with a single view across their entire journey

  • Know what your customers want with consolidated, first-party customer data and enriched profiles

  • High-speed, accurate audience discovery, targeting and segmentation using multichannel marketing solutions

  • Identify the best audiences and experiences for individual customers with deeper insights from machine learning

Build customer trust 

Gain a competitive advantage by creating trust-based relationships with loyal customers. Recognise your customers when they connect with you, used content-based marketing practices to deliver the experience they expect.

  • Build your relationships by enriching customer profiles with each interaction.

  • Keep customers happy by ensuring you comply with their consent and permissions each time you chat.

  • Come out on top, protect your customers’ data and your business.

marketing to drive revenue

Increase marketing ROI. Use data to gain visibility of the entire closed-loop marketing process, and make data-driven decisions to optimise your marketing and drive revenue.

  • A single view provides performance data for all marketing activities

  • See which activities are driving growth and which are not

  • Measure the incremental impact of all marketing activities with machine learning analysis

Drive demand and growth

Drive more sales.Drive demand and growth for B2B marketers.Empower marketers to successfully generate demand, increase lead conversions and drive more sales.

  • Understand all facets of your contacts and accounts by capturing data across the entire enterprise

  • Equip your team with the right insights to make intelligent decisions

  • Identify and target customers with account-based marketing across touchpoints with timely, personalised engagements

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