Too many customers fail in software implementations! The problem starts with the choice between hundreds of different solutions from the main players such as Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Hubspot, ServiceNow, Workday ... to hundreds of smaller software houses. 

Continuing with the selection of the right implementation partner for a customer is challenging. As a customer you don't know the solution that well (no matter how much research).

You may have gotten a recommendation from HQ or a similar company? We have seen many implementations fail (within the same customer) or same industry, simply because the solution or partner was not the right one. 

That's why we founded the worlds #1 CRM Partner Network and are now expanding into other software areas such as ERP and HCM / HR.

digitus #1 CRM Partner Network

digitus provides CRM software recommendations to support clients in selecting and implementing enterprise software packages. We have established partnerships focused on the leading CRM / CX packages such as Salesforce, Hubspot, SAP, Microsoft, etc.

CRM Selection

Need help selecting the right CRM solutions? We are specialists across Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Commerce solutions. 

CRM Implementation

Selecting the right partner to implement your solution requires lots of search and expertise, we do this on a daily basis. (we don't implement ourselves)

CRM Maintenance

Get a partner to support you after implementation. Need local support or having the need to change the partner?

digitus ERP Advisory

We provide software recommendation to support clients in selecting and implementing enterprise software packages. We have established partnerships focused on the leading Enterprise Resource Planning packages such as SAP, Oracle, Infor, Microsoft, etc.

ERP Selection

Need help selecting the right ERP solutions? 
Developing an ERP technology strategy and plan to attain and sustain competitive advantage and operational effectiveness.

ERP Implementation

We don't do the implementation, that's why we can recommend you an objective choice of partners to do the job fitting to your success. 

ERP Maintenance

We get it, the partner who implements your solution might be a different one than whom will do the maintenance, might it be cost, convenience or location. 

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