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Salesforce sells a complementary suite of enterprise applications focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics and application development.Increasing revenue from event was the biggest challenge. 

Target your marketing to attract more customers

Deliver the amazing shopping experiences your customers expect

Respond quickly to queries, anticipate the next step and keep customers happy

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  • Marketing Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud

What is CRM?

CRM is information at your fingertips. A platform where you can see customers’ behaviour at a glance and make real-time decisions to provide the personalised customer service that makes your customers want to shop with you.


Close more deals. Free-up your sales staff to do what they do best, nurture relationships and sell your products or services. 

Empower your sales team. Give them the tools to close deals quickly, improve productivity and ensure there are always leads to follow. 

  • Sales-ready leads are nurtured and followed through the system to increase conversion rates

  • AI increases productivity and automated data capture and processes make closing deals simple

  • Increased knowledge leads to increased sales

  • Up to date information all stored in one easy to access place


Exceed your customers’ expectations. Happy customers remain loyal. Loyal customers recommend you.

Solutions to enhance your customer services, nurture loyal customer relationships with and offer more than they’re expecting. 

Engage with your customers and know what they want – different service features give you the ability to keep the conversation going 

  • A single screen so all the information is available at a glance to solve any problem

  • Flexible, intuitive, responsive solutions from call centre software to self-service portals

  • Use the information to offer personalised service and predict what comes next

  • Get your customers quick answers with Q&A communities where customers can find their own answers and connect with and help others

  • Keep the conversation going via different channels, SMS, live messaging, MMS & Group chats

  • User-friendly systems increase productivity while maintaining a connected, intelligent, personalised service


Raise your profile. Increase customer engagement. Deliver the right message at the right time on the right channel. 

Offer your customers personalised experiences across a variety of channels: email, internet, mobile, SMS, advertising and more. 

  • Use CRM to personalise your email marketing campaigns at scale

  • Analyse data from over a billion sources and use it to create exceptional experiences for your customers

  • Connect all your customer information and use it to provide 1-1 customer journeys across email, social media, adverts etc.


Grow faster. Make every interaction count. Increase your conversion rates with at-a-glance information giving you the power to exceed your potential customers’ expectations.

The better the experience, the more likely your customers or potential customers are to buy. 

Salesforce B2C Commerce

A single, unified commerce platform. Salesforce intelligent  all-in-one B2C eCommerce solution offers an innovative, personalised shopping experience to every customer and adopt a cohesive multi-channel approach so nothing is left to chance. 

Salesforce B2B Commerce

The robust B2B eCommerce solution that helps you meet the complex needs of business buyers:

  • Streamlined processes 
  • B2C focus 
  • Every interaction counts 



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