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Do you only work with customers in Singapore?

No. We work with companies no matter where they are. Our customers are coming from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, United Arab Emirates and more. 

What are your typical engagements?

That depends. We work with different types of clients and each one is special. 

For SEO we require a minimum 6 month commitment and for and PPC 4 month. This is because those types of campaigns take time to bake, especially SEO. For strategic planning and social media management, we bundle those at a project level. 

Will you work with a non-software company? 

YES. We support do support companies in the construction industry and German speaking companies abroad. This comes due to our alliance with, a management consulting company specialised on the construction industry. 

What makes so different?

Our Management has over 10 years experience in Sales, Partner Management and Marketing in the software industry across Asia and Europe and the same amount of Marketing Experience from and Agency perspective. 

We know the industry like the back of our hand and what kind of challenges software companies and their partners have. 

We combine best practice between clients in a non-competitive environment. 

Do you only work with customers in Singapore?

No. We work with companies no matter where they are. partners are located in SEA, Korea, Japan, Australia and Europe. Our customers are located all around the world. 

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GERMANY OFFICE (by KVP-Solution)  

Aalener Str. 19, 71229 Leonberg, Germany

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