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digitus Congratulates Acclimation for Acquisition by Capgemini

In pursuit of keeping up with the growing demand for SAP services in the region, we’re happy to announce that our partner Acclimation has been acquired by global systems integrator giant Capgemini.

Capgemini’s acquisition of Acclimation will strengthen its partnership with SAP in Australia and accelerate clients’ business transformations.

About Acclimation

Acclimation is a company that provides SAP solutions and leverages leading cloud technologies. 

With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth, Acclimation has established a reputation for industry-leading SAP capabilities and successful implementations for clients, namely Coles, Dulux Group, PowerLink, and NSW Land Registry Services.

Under the expertise of both Acclimation and Capgemini, the two firms have plans to combine their two SAP approaches and deliver projects to large-scale SAP partners.

After thirteen years of sustained growth, Acclimation is thrilled to be joining Capgemini. Combining our two SAP practices strengthens Capgemini as a formidable SAP Gold Partner in Australia. I am excited to unlock the many synergies between Acclimation and Capgemini including an added delivery capacity and extended customer footprint.

Rod Taubman, Managing Director, Acclimation

About Capgemini

Capgemini is a global leader in partnering with businesses to transform and manage their operations through technology.

With 50 years of deep industry experience under their belt, Capgemini has been entrusted to handle various business needs, ranging from strategy and design to operations.

Regarding the Acclimation acquisition, Capgemini has acknowledged the rise of new large-volume implementations, mainly with S/4 migrations that will need to be conducted before the Business Suite deadline in 2027.

Hence, the merger enables Acclimation to meet these demands swiftly while at the same time delivering exemplary customer satisfaction.

The acquisition of Acclimation will position Capgemini as a leader in SAP delivery capabilities in Australia and New Zealand. They have built a strong reputation for excellence in delivering SAP and cloud solutions for a wide range of complex businesses. We look forward to adding new thinking and innovation to further support our clients and accelerate their transformation to more sustainable businesses in the future.

Kaylene O’Brien, managing director, Capgemini in Australia and New Zealand

The digitus wishes Acclimation and Capgemini the best for future endeavors and more fruitful opportunities ahead.

Read the complete statement from Acclimation and Capgemini.

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digitus and NeoSOFT Technologies form strong Partnership in Singapore

Singapore, SG – In pursuit of strengthening efforts to provide digital marketing and technology services, digitus Pte. Ltd., a B2B Digital Marketing Agency and Technology Advisory is proud to announce that we are now the official Channel Partner of NeoSOFT Technologies.

NeoSFOT Technologies is a CMMi Level 5 company which provides global IT Consulting and Software Development solutions.

In a bid to keep up with the market competition, the adoption of cutting-edge technologies becomes imperative. Today, businesses are rapidly advancing towards a digitized presence. digitus has been playing a prominent role in enabling and empowering them with a reach into the virtual world.

With their streak for innovation, Agile mindset, and drive for delivering the best that technology has to offer, NeoSOFT Technologies stands as partner, making this a venture to look out for.

The digitus-NeoSOFT collaboration is committed to facilitating businesses with the direction and clarity that they deserve. Additionally, our collaboration aims to optimize the value of their products and services. Above all, we allow them to put their best foot forward every single time.

“We warmly welcome our partnership with NeoSOFT Technologies,” said Mathias Knops, CEO of digitus. “With NeoSOFT’s established wide range of software development capabilities, we look forward to new service dimensions in digital capacities and empower industries in their digital transformation endeavors. Under the strong leadership of NeoSOFT and digitus, we are confident that together we can make a difference and enable the drivers of transformation”

“We have been pivotal in accelerating the drivers of digital transformation for wide industry sectors in India and globally. Through this strategic collaboration with digitus, we look forward to new avenues and combined synergies that will broaden the technology frontiers in Singapore,” said Mr. Nishant Rathi, Founder & Director of NeoSOFT Technologies.

About NeoSOFT Technologies

NeoSOFT Technologies is a next-generation global IT technology partner that provides software development and consulting services to Enterprises, SME’s, Agencies, and Startups.

With 22+ years of business excellence, we have emerged as a one-stop solution provider across 23+ industries in 50+ countries. In total, we have over 1500+ clients worldwide.

NeoSOFT has helped some of the world’s best and the biggest companies build innovative digital products. We work with a multitude of platforms, languages, database systems, and advanced technologies to build flawless products.

We are skilled in diverse technology platforms and frameworks. These include Front End, Back End, Android, iOS, Blockchain, IoT, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Data Science, Open Source, and Cloud.

To learn more about NeoSOFT Technologies, please visit

About digitus

digitus is an agency established in 2019 based on experience in CRM and building out an ecosystem of software partners.

With 10+ years of building relationships with implementation partners and vendors in the CRM, HR & ERP space and 20 years of distributor development through our partner KVP-Solution, the company prides itself with the skills and network to connect businesses for CRM Projects and build out their ecosystem.

To learn more about digitus, please visit:

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digitus is Now an Official Affiliate of lark collaboration suite

SINGAPORE, SG – digitus Pte Ltd, an agency specialised in B2B digital marketing and technology advisory, today announced that it is now an official partner of lark collaboration suite, a rapid growing  next-gen workspace, communication and collaborative platform for teams.

“We are thrilled to be an official affiliate of Lark,” said Mathias Knops, CEO of digitus. “Team collaboration applications are a must-have for any kind of organisation nowadays as we work more remotely.”

“With lark collaboration suite, businesses can quickly benefit. With its easy-to-use features including chats, video conferencing, document sharing, deadlines, task management, and third-party integration,” said Mathias Knops.

“Lark is a better option to maximise productivity and efficiency for our team members. We highly recommend it to our clients especially that getting started with it is free of charge.”To learn more about Lark, please visit:

To get help on using Lark, contact us today.

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digitus integrates Bosme, Now Offers Office Representation

SINGAPORE, SG – digitus Pte Ltd, a B2B marketing agency specialised in B2B digital marketing and technology advisory, today announced that it has integrated Bosme, a sales catalyst company with headquarters in Germany and office in Singapore, to expand its services to European companies who want to have marketing and sales Office Representation in Asia.

“Combining digitus B2B marketing and technology expertise with Bosme’s international network sales expansion experience enables us to help medium-sized European companies extend their marketing and sales to Asia through Office Representation,” said Mathias Knops, CEO of digitus.

“Our new service offering is especially made robust with our existing customers, partner contacts, and a team of local employees.”

“By merging with Bosme, we now offer our customers the opportunity to develop new markets with clear milestones and outcome-based B2B marketing and sales KPIs” continues Mathias Knops.

“From today, digitus will be able to provide an unprecedented customer experience in connecting European companies with Asian clients to ensure revenue performance, and excellent cost-to-benefit ratio.”

To learn more how digitus can help EU companies have Office Representation in Asia, please visit: representation