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digitus Congratulates Acclimation for Acquisition by Capgemini

In pursuit of keeping up with the growing demand for SAP services in the region, we’re happy to announce that our partner Acclimation has been acquired by global systems integrator giant Capgemini.

Capgemini’s acquisition of Acclimation will strengthen its partnership with SAP in Australia and accelerate clients’ business transformations.

About Acclimation

Acclimation is a company that provides SAP solutions and leverages leading cloud technologies. 

With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth, Acclimation has established a reputation for industry-leading SAP capabilities and successful implementations for clients, namely Coles, Dulux Group, PowerLink, and NSW Land Registry Services.

Under the expertise of both Acclimation and Capgemini, the two firms have plans to combine their two SAP approaches and deliver projects to large-scale SAP partners.

After thirteen years of sustained growth, Acclimation is thrilled to be joining Capgemini. Combining our two SAP practices strengthens Capgemini as a formidable SAP Gold Partner in Australia. I am excited to unlock the many synergies between Acclimation and Capgemini including an added delivery capacity and extended customer footprint.

Rod Taubman, Managing Director, Acclimation

About Capgemini

Capgemini is a global leader in partnering with businesses to transform and manage their operations through technology.

With 50 years of deep industry experience under their belt, Capgemini has been entrusted to handle various business needs, ranging from strategy and design to operations.

Regarding the Acclimation acquisition, Capgemini has acknowledged the rise of new large-volume implementations, mainly with S/4 migrations that will need to be conducted before the Business Suite deadline in 2027.

Hence, the merger enables Acclimation to meet these demands swiftly while at the same time delivering exemplary customer satisfaction.

The acquisition of Acclimation will position Capgemini as a leader in SAP delivery capabilities in Australia and New Zealand. They have built a strong reputation for excellence in delivering SAP and cloud solutions for a wide range of complex businesses. We look forward to adding new thinking and innovation to further support our clients and accelerate their transformation to more sustainable businesses in the future.

Kaylene O’Brien, managing director, Capgemini in Australia and New Zealand

The digitus wishes Acclimation and Capgemini the best for future endeavors and more fruitful opportunities ahead.

Read the complete statement from Acclimation and Capgemini.

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digitus and NeoSOFT Technologies form strong Partnership in Singapore

Singapore, SG – In pursuit of strengthening efforts to provide digital marketing and technology services, digitus Pte. Ltd., a B2B Digital Marketing Agency and Technology Advisory is proud to announce that we are now the official Channel Partner of NeoSOFT Technologies.

NeoSFOT Technologies is a CMMi Level 5 company which provides global IT Consulting and Software Development solutions.

In a bid to keep up with the market competition, the adoption of cutting-edge technologies becomes imperative. Today, businesses are rapidly advancing towards a digitized presence. digitus has been playing a prominent role in enabling and empowering them with a reach into the virtual world.

With their streak for innovation, Agile mindset, and drive for delivering the best that technology has to offer, NeoSOFT Technologies stands as partner, making this a venture to look out for.

The digitus-NeoSOFT collaboration is committed to facilitating businesses with the direction and clarity that they deserve. Additionally, our collaboration aims to optimize the value of their products and services. Above all, we allow them to put their best foot forward every single time.

“We warmly welcome our partnership with NeoSOFT Technologies,” said Mathias Knops, CEO of digitus. “With NeoSOFT’s established wide range of software development capabilities, we look forward to new service dimensions in digital capacities and empower industries in their digital transformation endeavors. Under the strong leadership of NeoSOFT and digitus, we are confident that together we can make a difference and enable the drivers of transformation”

“We have been pivotal in accelerating the drivers of digital transformation for wide industry sectors in India and globally. Through this strategic collaboration with digitus, we look forward to new avenues and combined synergies that will broaden the technology frontiers in Singapore,” said Mr. Nishant Rathi, Founder & Director of NeoSOFT Technologies.

About NeoSOFT Technologies

NeoSOFT Technologies is a next-generation global IT technology partner that provides software development and consulting services to Enterprises, SME’s, Agencies, and Startups.

With 22+ years of business excellence, we have emerged as a one-stop solution provider across 23+ industries in 50+ countries. In total, we have over 1500+ clients worldwide.

NeoSOFT has helped some of the world’s best and the biggest companies build innovative digital products. We work with a multitude of platforms, languages, database systems, and advanced technologies to build flawless products.

We are skilled in diverse technology platforms and frameworks. These include Front End, Back End, Android, iOS, Blockchain, IoT, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Data Science, Open Source, and Cloud.

To learn more about NeoSOFT Technologies, please visit

About digitus

digitus is an agency established in 2019 based on experience in CRM and building out an ecosystem of software partners.

With 10+ years of building relationships with implementation partners and vendors in the CRM, HR & ERP space and 20 years of distributor development through our partner KVP-Solution, the company prides itself with the skills and network to connect businesses for CRM Projects and build out their ecosystem.

To learn more about digitus, please visit:

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digitus is Now an Official Affiliate of lark collaboration suite

SINGAPORE, SG – digitus Pte Ltd, an agency specialised in B2B digital marketing and technology advisory, today announced that it is now an official partner of lark collaboration suite, a rapid growing  next-gen workspace, communication and collaborative platform for teams.

“We are thrilled to be an official affiliate of Lark,” said Mathias Knops, CEO of digitus. “Team collaboration applications are a must-have for any kind of organisation nowadays as we work more remotely.”

“With lark collaboration suite, businesses can quickly benefit. With its easy-to-use features including chats, video conferencing, document sharing, deadlines, task management, and third-party integration,” said Mathias Knops.

“Lark is a better option to maximise productivity and efficiency for our team members. We highly recommend it to our clients especially that getting started with it is free of charge.”To learn more about Lark, please visit:

To get help on using Lark, contact us today.

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digitus integrates Bosme, Now Offers Office Representation

SINGAPORE, SG – digitus Pte Ltd, a B2B marketing agency specialised in B2B digital marketing and technology advisory, today announced that it has integrated Bosme, a sales catalyst company with headquarters in Germany and office in Singapore, to expand its services to European companies who want to have marketing and sales Office Representation in Asia.

“Combining digitus B2B marketing and technology expertise with Bosme’s international network sales expansion experience enables us to help medium-sized European companies extend their marketing and sales to Asia through Office Representation,” said Mathias Knops, CEO of digitus.

“Our new service offering is especially made robust with our existing customers, partner contacts, and a team of local employees.”

“By merging with Bosme, we now offer our customers the opportunity to develop new markets with clear milestones and outcome-based B2B marketing and sales KPIs” continues Mathias Knops.

“From today, digitus will be able to provide an unprecedented customer experience in connecting European companies with Asian clients to ensure revenue performance, and excellent cost-to-benefit ratio.”

To learn more how digitus can help EU companies have Office Representation in Asia, please visit: representation


digitus is Now an Official SAP Marketing Service Bureau (MSB)

SINGAPORE, SG – digitus Pte Ltd, a specialised B2B digital agency built on experience from CRM systems and building out an ecosystem of software partners, today announces that it has become a SAP Marketing Service Bureau (MSB), a clear sign of the success of its SAP marketing practice and competency.

“We are here to support our partners through tailored marketing services for the B2B software space, now even better in cooperation with SAP,” said Mathias Knops, CEO of digitus.

MSBs are trusted agents who are trained in and aligned with SAP protocol and strategy.

As a MSB, SAP partners can now leverage their Marketing Development Fund (MDF), Business Development Fund (BDF) or other fund sources to strengthen their digital marketing strategy, lead nurturing programs, assets creation/execution, as well as lead qualification through digitus, which has a strong SAP and digital marketing agency background.

Combining SAP/Software and marketing expertise, digitus offers these services:

  • Lead Nurturing campaigns (Direct Outreach + Paid Ads)
  • Social Media and Email Marketing (Direct Outreach)
  • Search Engine Marketing (Paid and Organic)
  • Content Creation (Blogs, Videos and Graphics)

To learn more about digitus, please visit:

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[INTERVIEW] Exploring Augmented Reality with Insider Navigation


01:00 What is Augmented Reality and how does an AR app work?

02:00 What is the difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?

02:35 How is Augmented Reality used?

03:58 What hardware does Augmented Reality require?

04:31 How can businesses benefit from AR?

07:25 What are the big growth areas of AR?

08:53 How can businesses start to adopt AR?

10:40 How much does Augmented Reality cost?


John: Hi everyone, my name is John Raul. I am the Head of Digital for digitus, a digital agency startup based here in Singapore specializing in digital marketing and Technology Advisory.

In this video, I will interview Lena Miglbauer of Insider Navigation, our technology partner from Vienna, Austria, to talk about augmented reality and learn more about this technology. How AR is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses alike to optimize their business processes and more. Without further ado, I’d like to welcome Lena. Thanks, Lena for accepting my invitation and for joining me here in this video. I hope things are well with you.

Lena: I’m doing good. It’s a nice and beautiful day in Vienna and I’m very thankful for this opportunity and thank you for the invitation.

John: Yeah sure, so let’s get into it. Could you talk about augmented reality, like what it is and how does an AR app work basically?

Lena: Basically, augmented reality is the technology that expands our physical world, adding layers of digital information onto it and with the help of AR technologies, we can be more interactive with our natural surroundings. Plus, I think the value for industry is huge. How does an AR app at work work? I would say basically like any other app we know. It only involves technologies like for example, SLAM. What we are using for example in our augmented reality platform but through the camera, you are not only seeing your real environment but you also see how digital data merges with the physical environment.

John: Well, having said that, so what is the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality? Are they are the same or different?

Lena: No, there is a difference. Augmented reality allows a digital content to look like it’s part of the physical world and this is also the main difference to VR. VR transports users into a completely digital world and they experience things through our computers that don’t really exist.

John: So yeah my next question is: how can I use AR as an individual? You know, how does it enrich my life and experience as a user? on the user standpoint?

Lena: I think to be fair, the application areas for augmented reality are large. You can use it in all kinds of industries. For example for maintenance process optimizations, but also in the healthcare sector to track your equipment or to guide hospital visitors directly to the patient’s room. Also, augmented reality can provide new ways of learning or onboarding and training new people, employees. I think further, augmented reality can be also used in retail to guide people through shopping malls or supermarkets and do advertisements via augmented reality. You see there there are a lot of areas where augmented reality can be applied actually.

John: I can imagine that, actually. Just now you just mentioned it, it could be that before I buy some clothes, I could use my camera with the augmented reality feature in it and I can somehow preview how the clothes will look on me before I even purchase it, without even touching the physical object. Yes, having said that, is there any special requirement in terms of hardware to implement augmented reality?

Lena: Not really. To be fair, you can use any kind of hardware, like tablets, smartphones, computers and so on. But in order for AR to work on these devices, they must have sensors and processors that can support the high demands of AR. So that means the devices have to be really quick enough.

John: Okay, that’s good to know. So let’s go towards the business applications of AR. Could you educate us on how businesses can take advantage of AR? You have already mentioned some of them, but how about in terms of business processes. Yeah. Marketing. I think you partly mentioned some of them. I was just thinking maybe you could give us some examples, I know you are coming from an AR company, so you deal with clients and your clients are using your application, things like that, so perhaps you could shed light on how businesses are using your apps and in what applications?

Lena: Sure, to be fair, from all my talks with clients right now, I always get the feedback that they need to be more and more efficient and without spending a lot of money and it doesn’t matter if they’re having a shutdown or have to quickly restart again or if they only work with minimum staffing but still need to run with hundred and fifty percent. I think here augmented reality can be a real benefit. Let’s take the example of preventive maintenance. I think every industry, every company knows this difficult topic. Most maintenance routines are completed by filling out a checklist in paper form. The staff may cheat in terms of not working properly or not having the right information at the right spot. And everyone knows to onboard new employees with good skills, cost money.

So basically, we from Insider Navigation, together with our Hong Kong partner, develop for all those problems, a quick-to-implement AR solution with a high return of investment. This means with this solution, the staff can be, more efficient, sees real-time information exactly where they need it. And the checklists, which were before in paper form, are now digital on the mobile devices and are only available once the inspector really reaches the designated location. And so now, less experienced technicians are enabled to solve more complex tasks and so you can actually basically reduce your training costs. The big advantage is that not only does productivity gets optimized, but also of course the inspection quality and I think this is a huge benefit.

John: Oh yeah that’s true. Having said that, where do you think what are the big growth areas ahead? I know that I based on what you’ve explained by far, AR seems to have a wide range of application across literally every industry. So what do you think, where would be the most promising growth area for you? You know from your perspective.

Lena: I read the other day an article, where it was stated, that most people’s first experience with AR today are likely to be in gaming or entertainment.

John: Or Social Media!

Lena: Yes! I think this is likely to change. It also shows in the meantime, that the development of enterprise augmented reality solutions are overtaking that on the consumer side. And from my experience, more and more industrial augmented reality applications are requested.

John: Oh yes, of course. If more people are familiar with this technology, AR, then it will just be matched by the industry, right.

Lena: Exactly!

John: I just read an article, actually just literally earlier before this interview, on the trends of social media and it was listed, one of the biggest trends that they’re expecting to see this year is the rise of augmented reality. So I think that when this technology proliferates among the masses, then it will be easier for entrepreneurs to really catch up and adopt this technology and integrate it with their business processes. So my question is, if I am a business, what are the first steps that I have to do, to embrace AR? Because maybe I’m not that familiar with AR and I’m looking at, okay I’ve heard about AR, I have heard about how it can optimize my process but what should be my first step?

Lena: I would say the first step is actually always the most difficult one. Because you have to face your current problems. No one wants to talk about the pain points. But actually this is the the first question you should ask yourself. What is my problem? How much does, for example, a major repair of a machine which causes normally a large downtime, costs me per hour per week per year? And once you are aware of how much money you are actually losing, I think AR solutions like this AR preventive maintenance solution from us, mentioned before, become more and more interesting and also beneficial.

John: Yeah, okay that’s good. Let me just say AR, really based on the current applications with your products, it really helps makes processes efficient, and you know, getting more out of your investment and therefore as a result, you increase your business profit right because then we will optimize all your processes and many processes in the business, is that right?

Lena: Exactly. I think with AR, you can really optimize all your business processes and really get a lot out of it. So the return of investment is really high.

John: So then my last question is that as of now, can small and medium businesses embrace AR? Or is this currently being embraced by bigger companies who have maybe deeper pockets?

Lena: Customers also always ask me that, how much it cost!

John: Yeah I could imagine.

Lena: I understand they want to know it. But I think this shouldn’t be the question, in my opinion. The question always should be, how much can I or do I save. It should be about how many downtimes can I reduce with this AR solution. How much labor costs can I save without having a machine shut down the whole time or how much more can I produce actually with AR technologies. I mean to be fair, I can only talk now about our solution and our costs. For example, an implementation of our augmented reality platform can be done in a few days. Even in large scale venue and our advantage is definitely that we have a really low set-up cost and also just a monthly license fee based on the size of the venue. It really depends on the company from the costs perspective, if I can only tell you.

John: So does that mean that if a small and medium say, for example, construction or construction-related or manufacturing related businesses were considering to use AR to optimize these processes, that, if they approach Insider Navigation, you could offer some sort of a tailored solution and after maybe sharing about their pain points and problems and then you can offer some sort of you know a custom solution for them?

Lena: Of course I mean, basically we from InsiderNavigation have an augmented reality platform and besides what the company name already says, besides navigation, you can add many more solutions on top, like optimizing maintenance or inspection processes, training, onboarding, factory monitoring showing live IoT data, and this is all of course, tailor-made for the specific customer. For every company, small, medium, large, it doesn’t matter.

John: That’s cool because actually that’s the reason why digitus is partnering with you  because we are all focused on digital marketing and helping businesses with their, well not just marketing but also sales and other business processes in general. We feel that it is really important for us to have Insider Navigation as our partner because it’s something we can extend as a service, as an add-on value and I think businesses will really benefit from this technology. I think I’m excited to see more application of AR and especially when we start seeing our clients are using this technology to improve their own businesses and generate more revenue.

Right. Actually, I have just exhausted my list of questions for you and I think even though that was short, I learned a lot myself about AR today. I want to thank you so much for your time in joining me in this video. I think that was a great interview. So to our viewers, please send us your comments, if you have any questions about augmented reality. I’m sure Lena will be excited to hear about your feedback or your questions. Of course if you enjoy this video, let us know, so we can do more of this, I can interview some more people if you are kin with that.

Of course, visit our website and to learn more about our products and services. How we can help support your business especially in these parallel times. If you are interested to get the latest updates of both companies, you could always keep in touch with us and get the latest updates on our LinkedIn and Facebook pages. So make sure you follow those pages.

I am hoping to see you all again in our next video and I wish you all have a nice week ahead and of course, you Lena, thanks again for your time for joining me here and I was not good speaking with you and hopefully, we can do another video again to speak more about AR and how it can help a specific industry. Perhaps we could use this video as the first one. Thank you so much!

Lena: Thank you too!

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digitus Announces Partnership with Insider Navigation

SINGAPORE, SG – digitus Pte Ltd, a specialised digital agency built on experience from CRM systems and building out an ecosystem of software partners. Today, digitus announced that it has partnered with Insider Navigation, to expand its global presence and enhance its services for both its existing and future clients.

Through this strategic partnership, digitus and Insider Navigation want to show CRM and Augmented Reality can be combined and help to optimise business processes.

Thus, users will not have to experience the loss of data in their databases. Using AR, we can visualize data exactly where we want it to be.

“Augmented Reality has been a lack within Customer Relationship Tools, either too expensive or too complex.

With INS we roll out their solution to the TOP partners in Asia of the likes of SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and others and therefore to their customers,” said Mathias Knops, CEO and founder of digitus.

“The combination of Augment Reality and our proven expertise in CRM takes our service offerings to the next level. Through this partnership, businesses can now leverage AR.”

Clemens Kirner, CEO & Founder at Insider Navigation, looks forward to the collaboration.

“Together with digitus we make optimal use of our Augmented Reality Platform and optimizing business processes. With digitus we not only have a good partner in the field of CRM digital solutions, but also a strong team that understands that you have to make an impact and how to make optimal use of our AR-Platform.”

About Insider Navigation

Insider Navigation is the worldwide leading supplier for large scale AR – Platforms.

Their system offers hardware-free, centimeter precise Augmented Reality Indoor-Navigation and Indoor Positioning. Additionally, this comes without the need of extra Infrastructure like GPS or Beacons.

Besides their platform, many more solutions are available. They include maintenance and inspection, training and onboarding, factory monitoring through live IoT data and many more.

The beauty of the system is that it’s very easy and quick to implement. Moreover, the solutions can be actively running in a few hours.

As a result, anyone can implement a whole AR-platform for any kind of venue in a matter of days. From factories, power plants, exhibitions, vessels to office buildings, any location is feasible.

Through working with their global network of partners, Insider Navigation solutions can be provided and supported locally.

To learn more about Insider Navigation, please visit: 

About digitus

digitus is an agency established in 2019 based on experience in CRM and building out an ecosystem of software partners.

With 10+ years of building relationships with implementation partners and vendors in the CRM, HR & ERP space and 20 years of distributor development through our partner KVP-Solution, the company prides itself with the skills and network to connect businesses for CRM Projects and build out their ecosystem.

To learn more about digitus, please contact us.


Digitus: Bridging The Gap Between CRM Implementation and Excellence

Read the entire article here: digitus-CIO-Outlook

As imperative it is for organizations to implement a robust CRM strategy for lucrative returns and departmental efficiency, it is surprisingly a complicated endeavor that is easier said than done.

This comprehensive implementation process of CRM further intensifies to a whole new level as companies embark on global expansion plans making it trickier for them to deal with a world of unforeseen variables ahead.

It’s a fact that many businesses today are struggling with international projects given that globally active CRM partners are often the most expensive and local partners do not have the necessary network to collaborate.

For instance, a German company with plans to move its business to Asia would require to implement a strong CRM strategy to strengthen its local customer relationship.

Indeed, the German company’s knowledge of the partner landscape in South East Asia would be limited, and expectedly, the company would be more drawn to the recommendations provided by active global CRM partners.

This is a growing concern in the modern CRM landscape, and no one knows this better than digitus—a network of CRM implementers across technology vendors.

“The core value of our offering is to connect customers with two to three CRM partners based on the best possible fit, irrespective of the geographic location,” says Mathias Knops, Founder and CEO of digitus.

learn more about our initiative under