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Lead Form Extensions 1

A Story Businesses Can Relate Generating leads can be a hassle if we don’t use the appropriate tools. But with lead form …


The HubSpot CRM Platform is a full suite of software built to power this inbound approach to help you — and your customers — grow better.

As businesses strive to return to profitability, business leaders need tech innovations to drive economic recovery

SAP is the underdog for SME ERP, but it comes from the market leader in ERP. In fact, SAP has the largest SME Install Base.

Spoilt for Choice? When selecting business software for your growing midsized company – how on earth do you choose?

Below you will find the top ERP systems on the market today and important factors to consider in each one.

How to get started with ABM

Account Based Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners In 2021, it is expected that Account Based Marketing (ABM) will be eagerly adopted …

digitus Partners with NEOSoft Technologies

digitus is now a Channel Partner of NeoSOFT Technologies.

digitus x Lark Partnership

digitus now is an official affiliate partner of Larksuite, a next-gen workspace, communication and collaborative platform for teams.

Digitus x Bosme Office Representation

digitus and Bosme's integration enables EU companies to expand their market to Asia through marketing and sales Office Representation.

What is account-based marketing

Create personalized buying experiences for a mutually-identified set of high-value accounts through account-based marketing (ABM).

Google Search Engine Update

A search engine algorithm update directly impacts your web traffic, and therefore, your revenue from Organic Search. Here's how to check if your website is impacted by a recent update.

Will that new sofa be perfect for your lounge? Will those sunglasses suit your face? Well at the touch of a button Augmented Reality or AR will allow you to 'see' the results on-screen without physically placing in your room or trying anything on. These situations are real examples from the companies Ikea and Ray-Ban and show how companies are utilising AR to improve customer experience.

Digitus is now an SAP MSB Agency

digitus is now authorised to deliver SAP Partner Marketing services. Leverage your MDF no

One of the most common disappointing mistakes with global marketing is not letting the local teams lead the way.

Digitus Interviews Insider Navigation on Augmented Reality

In an interview with digitus, Lena Miglbauer of Insider Navigation from Vienna, Austria, explains what Augmented Reality (AR) is, what benefits AR brings to businesses, and how small and medium businesses can adopt AR to optimise processes.

As Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms have become the primary source of information for many people, it is crucial that brands use this platform responsibly, especially in times of crisis if they want to build awareness, trust, and stronger connections with their audiences.

If you want to stay ahead and effective with your Google Ads campaigns, you’ll need to keep informed about the latest PPC trends to know which optimisations and actions you should do to meet your business objectives.

Over the past weeks, we have observed an unusually high fluctuations on Google search. This means that many websites’ rankings on Google’s search engine results page (SERP) have dramatically shifted.


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