Author: John Raul Joven II

Social Media Trends in 2020: Engaging in the New Normal

As Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms have become the primary source of information for many people, it is crucial that brands use this platform responsibly, especially in times of crisis if they want to build awareness, trust, and stronger connections with their audiences.

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PPC Trends in 2020: Google Ads

If you want to stay ahead and effective with your Google Ads campaigns, you’ll need to keep informed about the latest PPC trends to know which optimisations and actions you should do to meet your business objectives.

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SEO: Is Your Website Showing Up on Google?

As search engines constantly update their algorithms, you need to regularly monitor how your website is performing in organic search, track the changes of your keyword rankings, and regularly optimize your website in respond to the algorithm changes when needed.

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