We work with software resellers, system integrators & building materials companies to drive breakthrough growth.

Propel your business to new heights with our award-winning digital marketing services and technology platform services.

Attract Customers
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Our tech-enabled marketing services help your business grow online leads, calls, and revenue.
Engage with Customers
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Involve customers in a deeper, more sustained relationship with your product or brand.
Digitalise your Business
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Create an environment for digital business, whereby digital information is at the core.

Driving Leads from Inbound to Outbound Strategies

Our competitive attitude forces us to go against the grain in order to achieve our objectives. Our outbound SDR services and integrated digital marketing services work together to increase market share and transform outcomes. We create a clear lead flow from click to closure and build a plan to optimize content across the funnel. We keep your pipeline filled and your sanity by driving more MQLs and SQLs.

You've come to the correct spot if you're a SaaS firm looking to boost conversion rates, expand client acquisition, generate more qualified leads, and improve organic search.

When you deal with an agency, you want to work with a smart, collaborative team that knows how to get results.

Because we have first-hand knowledge and a deep grasp of your trouble areas, we virtually exclusively deal with SaaS firms. More significantly, we know how to go above and beyond your expectations.



B2B Demand Generation Strategy where we run workshops to collaboratively build right fit customer avatars, create pain-point based editorial calendars, and identify message-market fit.


Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy and consulting so that you can get the attention and engagement of your dream customers.

Content marketing consulting and editorial calendar guidance where we work with your team of content producers, designing the exact workflow to incorporate SEO into your content creation process so that when you hit the publish button, you’re primed to get more organic search traffic.

Content creation where our specialized team of writers use their B2B and SaaS content creation expertise to write, design, and publish high-quality pieces that educate and motivate your prospects from the top of the funnel all the way to the point where they book a demo or start a trial.

Marketing Automation and Lifecycle Email Marketing so that you can follow up with marketing qualified leads and turn them into sales qualified leads and opportunities. We also use lead nurturing strategies that are especially useful if you have a long sales cycle.

Your entire demand generation operation outsourced to us, in the hands of experts who’ve done this over and over for partners of SAP, Salesforce, Oracle and more.

We don’t report on vanity metrics like traffic or impressions. All we care about is driving more demos and trials that actually grow your business.

Our team has a track record of growing B2B, SaaS, and technology businesses with a targeted Account-Based Marketing (ABM) approach.

Your entire Account-Based Marketing operation outsourced to us, in the hands of experts who’ve done this for over a decade.

Benefit: Most in-house marketers are spread too thin and want to work with in-depth wisdom of what to do, in the right order, to get the maximum result. We’ll create a complete demand generation strategy that attracts, engages, and converts your ideal avatars, from click to customer.

Results-based, building materials marketing for commercial and residential markets.

The customer journey in the building products space can be complex, with many different roles influencing decisions at every part of the process. We possess intimate knowledge of the various demographics, roles, pain points, ratifying moments and consumption habits that each of these audiences personify.

When you hire digitus.sg Marketing, you leverage decades of experience in the building products industry. With a continuous pulse on the industry, we develop and implement solutions perfectly tailored to your company within the context of today’s building products industry.

  • Leverage Your Online Presence to Grow Sales
  • Drive Traffic & Leads Using Our Proven System
  • Turn Your Website Into a 24/7 Salesperson

Get the right team and expertise to outperform your building materials competition.

Website Design & Development
Sleek, responsive designs will engage your audience like never before.

Social Media & Content Marketing
Valuable content, like blogs and videos, strategically delivered to your audience by industry experts.

Web Traffic & Lead Gen
Quality traffic and leads that convert to loyal customers.

Email Marketing, Marketing Automation & CRM
Attract, nurture, and convert the exact customers you want.


Do you know your competitor's digital strategy?
We'll show you what they're doing and help develop a plan to stay ahead.




Guiding Real Estate Businesses to Digital Success

You put buyers first, we put you first
Digitus.sg has worked with realtors, brokers, developers, and other construction services for nearly a decade and needless to say we have a “ton” of experience on how to generate quality and targeted leads online.

We understand real-estate audiences, the factors that influence their decisions, the right follow up process based on their behaviors, and the best way to connect with them and motivate them to act. It is our IP that only us have.

Omni-Channel Real Estate Marketing Strategies
While we offer a full suite of digital strategies, our competitor mindset remains consistent through them all. We challenge ourselves, our industry, and our clients every day to produce the best results possible.



Get Quality Prospects

We’ll help you drive sales-qualified leads (SQL’s) that will become your new top customers. Our advanced segmentation strategies focus on the kinds of prospects that fit your brand, making customer acquisition more efficient and effective.

Rank Top on Search Through SEO

Organic search is still the #1 resource for B2B purchase research, and you should continually optimize this channel to actively engage potential customers who need your solution. Don’t continue  to pay for clicks. 

Nurture to Build Trust

We create advanced email strategies with personalization and automations that build upon your relationships along the path to purchase. By delivering the right content to the right contact, we help you continually replenish the pipeline

Integrated Strategy for the Entire Funnel

Working with our B2B marketing experts will help you discover areas of missed opportunity across every stage of the customer journey. We’ll assess these areas and develop strategies to strengthen your overall marketing program.

Fully Leveraging Paid Media

Through a strategic full-funnel approach, we transform paid media into a sales driver that creates dedicated brand evangelists and boosts your bottom line. We optimize for metrics like cost-per-lead and cost-per-opportunity to maximize your investment.

Outbound SDR

digitus.sg can provide an experienced team who align with your revenue goals to source unique lead data and scale sales pipelines. Fueled by powerful outbound strategies, we work together to drive your growth.

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We are paid at a fixed or time-based rate depending on the project scope.
Performance Guaranteed
Performance Guaranteed
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We guarantee results for certain projects and industries.
Affiliate Agreement
Affiliate Agreement
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We get a revenue share based on the invoiced amount originating from our delivered leads.

Some Customers

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digitus is a certified SAP’s Marketing Service Bureau (MSB) for the Asia-Pacific-Japan (APJ) region and engages with SAP directly and its partners.
MicrosoftDynamics 365
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Full service, advanced three-step lead generation campaign to amplify the value proposition of a solution and ensure high lead maturity through lead nurturing and scoring
INK IT Solutions
INK IT Solutions Technology Company
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End to end marketing campaign to advise as a Virtual CMO, create new landing pages, optimise SEO and lead their internal business development team.
Axxis Consulting
Axxis ConsultingSAP Business One
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Affiliate based marketing to identify and nurture leads until qualification.
BE Terna
BE TernaMicrosoft Dynamics 365
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End to end marketing execution to identify leads till qualification via multi channel marketing and business development.
EcentaSAP Field Service
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Industry focused campaign to work with building materials companies and digitalise their installation services.
Insider Navigation
Insider NavigationAR Solution
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Partner recruit to revenue and end to end marketing campaign to identify new customers.

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