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Our Clients

SAP & Microsoft Partners

We are marketing and sales trained on the enterprise solutions of SAP, Salesforce and Microsoft [CRM, ERP, HCM etc].


20+ years experience in the construction related industry makes us the ideal partner for your marketing and software needs.

Startups / SMEs

Experience in supporting the growth of businesses local and across regions. 

Our Core Competency

Digital Marketing

Need advice on how to grow your business?

It starts with Marketing, Business Development and Sales. We are not just executing a task, but have your overall success in view! 

  • Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Sales 

Software Advisory

Tough time selecting a Software and the Partner?

We help companies to narrow down a digital solution and connect you to the suitable provider within our network across SAP, Microsoft,Oracle, Salesforce and others – free of charge.

Market Development

Want to make a splash into Asia? Use Singapore as your HUB!

Investing into a new location is expensive, we specialise on representation office (sales & marketing) for companies.

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Digital Marketing

Software Advisory

Market Development

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